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API-First Companies with Paolo Negri

October 01, 2020 peter@pbell.com (CTO Connection) Episode 106
CTO Connection Podcast
API-First Companies with Paolo Negri
Show Notes

Content should be both structure driven, and easily integrate with software. But most Content Management Systems are legacy systems that are not intuitive and clunky. Paolo Negri, co-founder and CTO of Contentful, was an early adopter of GraphQL.

This week on CTO Connection, Paolo talked to Peter about why GraphQL works so well for content and why organizations should strive to be API-driven. Tune in for his thoughts on management.

  • (01:12) - Paolo's journey to building an org
  • (04:42) - Life with 20 direct reports
  • (07:49) - Attracting talent
  • (11:13) - High Output Management
  • (11:27) - Managing Humans
  • (11:59) - The Manager's Path
  • (12:11) - Team Topologies
  • (12:34) - Building an API-driven company
  • (18:16) - Looking into GraphQL
  • (21:38) - Bridging the gap
  • (26:22) - Query language
  • (32:44) - Tooling maturity

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