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Why Building for Flexibility is the New Paradigm with Julien Lemoine

September 17, 2020 peter@pbell.com (CTO Connection) Episode 104
CTO Connection Podcast
Why Building for Flexibility is the New Paradigm with Julien Lemoine
Show Notes

Sites like Squarespace and Shopify have simplified the design and engineering process for people who either don’t have the technical skills or the resources to hire a team of engineers. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for the tools a business will need. Julien Lemoine is the co-founder and CTO of Algolia, a hosted search platform. He joined Peter for a discussion on API and customization.

Listen as Julien discusses why things are trending toward customization and greater flexibility. He also shares why getting the architecture right is one of the most important aspects for anyone managing a team of engineers. 

  • (01:11) - How Julien got interested in technology
  • (03:15) - Small team management
  • (05:53) - Becoming CTO at MASA Group
  • (07:10) - Simplifying search at Algolia
  • (10:26) - Build and buy
  • (25:37) - Evolution of the problem
  • (33:40) - Choosing the right API

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