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Attracting Great Talent with Ashish Aggarwal

August 27, 2020 peter@pbell.com (CTO Connection) Episode 101
CTO Connection Podcast
Attracting Great Talent with Ashish Aggarwal
Show Notes

If you’re a startup or any company that doesn’t have vast name recognition, attracting top talent can be a key concern. Ashish Aggarwal cut his teeth at Microsoft, Amazon, and Postmates so when the time came to start his own company, Productiv, he knew how to get the right people for the job.

Ashish spoke candidly about his past experiences and how they have helped shape Productiv. He shared with Peter the two things that attract top talent: challenging problems to solve and the opportunity to work with other high performers. Listen for more of his insights.

  • (01:12) - Growing into people management
  • (03:39) - Management training at Microsoft
  • (06:15) - Attracting great talent at Ebay
  • (08:50) - Geo-distributed offices
  • (11:53) - Amazon's customer obsession
  • (18:23) - Next-level ownership at Postmates
  • (24:22) - Founding Productiv
  • (34:30) - Principles for start-up team building

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