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Why Customer Centricity is Key to Company Culture with Raj Sethuraman

August 20, 2020 peter@pbell.com (CTO Connection) Episode 100
CTO Connection Podcast
Why Customer Centricity is Key to Company Culture with Raj Sethuraman
Show Notes

According to Raj Sethuraman, good technology cannot be a successful technology unless it solves customer problems and drives great business outcomes. Raj is currently CTO at Wolters Kluwer and got his start at Intuit. The common thread throughout his career has been establishing customer-centricity to better inform technical decisions.

He is our guest this week on CTO Connection and talked to Peter about a program he likes called “Follow Me Home” in which he and other team members sit down with customers to find out how they use products and what could make them work better. Listen for his insights.

  • (01:21) - Transitioning to leadership
  • (03:48) - Customer centricity
  • (05:16) - Follow me home
  • (12:26) - Co-creating value
  • (16:57) - Badass: Making Users Awesome
  • (18:24) - Achieving quick wins faster
  • (22:01) - Appetite for change
  • (24:51) - Managing pushback 
  • (28:01) - Hiring for culture fit
  • (30:30) - Engineer rotation
  • (32:29) - Innovation priorities


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