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Chaos Engineering with Kolton Andrus

April 09, 2020 peter@pbell.com (CTO Connection) Episode 82
CTO Connection Podcast
Chaos Engineering with Kolton Andrus
Show Notes

There are few jobs where you’re encouraged to break things, but Kolton Andrus has made a career out of “failure as a service.” Kolton is the CEO and Co-founder of Gremlin, a platform that seeks to help companies avoid outages and build more resilient systems.

On today’s episode of CTO Connection, Kolton explains the concept of chaos engineering and why it’s so important, particularly to large scale operations. Take a listen and get ideas on how you can prevent outages.

  • [01:26] - Kolton's backstory
  • [03:21] - Managing a team at Amazon
  • [05:10] - Moving to a technical role at Netflix
  • [07:51] - Founding Gremlin
  • [10:36] - Formative experiences with chaos engineering
  • [15:39] - Graceful degradation
  • [19:33] - Next-level testing
  • [22:26] - Challenges with microservices
  • [26:05] - Efficiency & resilience
  • [31:18] - Preventing outages

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