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Building a truly global engineering team with Rebecca Parsons, CTO @ ThoughtWorks

In this episode of CTO Connection, host Peter Bell sits down with Rebecca Parsons, CTO of Thoughtworks, to discuss managing a large, truly global engineering team, the implications for current advancements in architecture and the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion.

Creative Product Delivery at Scale with Colin Bodell, CTO @ Groupon

Colin Bodell, CTO of Groupon, joins Peter Bell to discuss how to balance being open to unexpected opportunities while still delivering on today’s commitments, encouraging idea-sharing from all levels of an engineering organization and what differentiates leaders from managers.

Scaling Leadership in a Growing Tech Organization with Nick Caldwell, Chief Product Officer @ Looker

Nick Caldwell, Chief Product Officer of Looker, joins CTO Connection host Peter Bell to discuss the challenges of scaling leadership in a growing tech organization, moving from a 15-year career at Microsoft into the world of Bay area startups, and some of the hard lessons he learned early in his management career.

Welcome to the CTO Connection Podcast!

Welcome to the CTO Connection Podcast!

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