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Transforming Education Through Technology with James Kenigsberg

Education is the great equalizer and, in a world increasingly dominated by the internet, educational technology is the wave of the future. James Kenigsberg is CTO of 2U, a leading company in the educational technology space that partners with universities to provide high-quality, online degrees. James talks to Peter to discuss the unique challenges of technology in this space.

The Importance of Technical Due Diligence with Jason Mongue

Technical due diligence is one of the most important components of taking a new product to market. But most companies wait until they’re in the midst of venture capital fundraising before they give it a thought. Tune in to this week’s episode of CTO Connection as we talk with Jason Mongue, founder of The Clover Group, as he discusses why technical due diligence should be on your mind when you first write out your business plan. Tune in!

Managing Large Remote Teams with Asana’s Prashant Pandey

Asana is a workflow management tool for teams and its Head of Engineering, Prashant Pandey, knows all about the unique problems inherent in trying to manage a large team. On this week’s episode of CTO Connection, Prashant discusses what he takes into consideration when judging a team member’s contribution as well as how he manages teams across time zones. Listen in for advice on how to create meaningful rubrics for mentorship and tips for teams experiencing growing pains.

Balancing Delight and Metrics in Product Design with Adam Nash

In software, competition is fierce, so it makes sense that companies push design concepts based on metrics. Adam Nash, Vice President of Product and Growth at Dropbox, believes that’s only half the battle. On today’s episode, Adam talks to Peter about the importance of listening to and delighting customers when making product decisions.

Staying Immersed in Technology as a Tech Leader with Hector Aguilar

The higher you ascend professionally, the less time you have to code and interact with your company’s product or technology. Hector Aguilar, President of Technology at Okta, believes that all managers should make time to stay immersed in coding. On today’s episode, Hector talks to Peter about how he prioritizes coding and personal projects that relate back to his work.

Setting Up Infrastructure to Scale with Adam Miller

Infrastructure dictates scalability. No one understands this better than Adam Miller, Vice President of Engineering at Roblox. On today’s episode, Adam sat down with Peter to discuss the unique challenges of setting up infrastructure to scale for a game platform with a lot of moving parts.

Investing in Your People Pays Dividends with Scott Parker

Scott Parker has seen a lot over his 15 year career having transitioned from engineer to manager to executive. In this episode of the CTO Connection podcast, Peter and Scott discuss Scott’s approach to people management, differences in building teams at small companies vs. large companies as well as how to demonstrate the value of personal growth to engineers.

Learning and Developing as an Engineering Leader with Stacy Gorelik

This week Peter speaks with Stacy Gorelik, Director of Engineering at Flatiron Health, about her career progression from individual contributor to a director role, what she looks for when hiring and her experiences as a CTO Summit Speaker.

Attracting and Developing Engineering Talent with Johnny Austin, Engineering Director @ Mapbox

In this episode of CTO Connection, host Peter Bell sits down with Johnny Austin, Engineering Director of Navigation at Mapbox, to discuss the best and most challenging aspects of engineering leadership, practical tips for creating a solid onboarding program and ways to maintain a sense of connection within a distributed team.

Engineering Team Cohesion at Scale with Han Yuan, SVP of Engineering @ Upwork

This week, Peter Bell is joined by SVP of Engineering at Upwork, Han Yuan. Han and Peter dive into what it’s like to run an engineering team that spans countries, building a good engineering culture for a remote team and how he brings on new engineers to the team.

Building a truly global engineering team with Rebecca Parsons, CTO @ ThoughtWorks

In this episode of CTO Connection, host Peter Bell sits down with Rebecca Parsons, CTO of Thoughtworks, to discuss managing a large, truly global engineering team, the implications for current advancements in architecture and the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion.

Creative Product Delivery at Scale with Colin Bodell, CTO @ Groupon

Colin Bodell, CTO of Groupon, joins Peter Bell to discuss how to balance being open to unexpected opportunities while still delivering on today’s commitments, encouraging idea-sharing from all levels of an engineering organization and what differentiates leaders from managers.

Scaling Leadership in a Growing Tech Organization with Nick Caldwell, Chief Product Officer @ Looker

Nick Caldwell, Chief Product Officer of Looker, joins CTO Connection host Peter Bell to discuss the challenges of scaling leadership in a growing tech organization, moving from a 15-year career at Microsoft into the world of Bay area startups, and some of the hard lessons he learned early in his management career.

Welcome to the CTO Connection Podcast!

Welcome to the CTO Connection Podcast!

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