Learning and Developing as an Engineering Leader with Stacy Gorelik

This week Peter speaks with Stacy Gorelik, Director of Engineering at Flatiron Health, about her career progression from individual contributor to a director role, what she looks for when hiring and her experiences as a CTO Summit Speaker.

This week Peter invites long-time technology leader and CTO Summit speaker Stacy Gorelik to the podcast. Stacy is currently the Director of Engineering at Flatiron Health, a health-tech company committed to fighting cancer.

Peter and Stacy discuss her career from individual contributor to engineering management to director, what she looks for when hiring and her recent experiences speaking at the CTO Summit in New York.
  • [00:21] - Stacy’s background
  • [01:12] - Transitioning from individual contributor to management. 
  • [02:56] - The appeal of an engineering management role 
  • [04:59] - Responsibilities of an engineering manager vs. director 
  • [06:41] - Ideal qualities in a leader
  • [09:10] - Reflections on growing a platform engineering team
  • [11:26] - It always comes back to the people
  • [13:03] - What Stacy looks for in an engineer
  • [15:15] - Learning and developing in the engineering world 
  • [20:09] - What it’s like to speak at and attend a CTO summit 
You can find out more about Stacey on LinkedIn, Twitter and at her blog on Medium.

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