Managing Large Remote Teams with Asana’s Prashant Pandey

Asana is a workflow management tool for teams and its Head of Engineering, Prashant Pandey, knows all about the unique problems inherent in trying to manage a large team. On this week’s episode of CTO Connection, Prashant discusses what he takes into consideration when judging a team member’s contribution as well as how he manages teams across time zones. Listen in for advice on how to create meaningful rubrics for mentorship and tips for teams experiencing growing pains.

As products and companies develop more name-brand recognition, expansion is inevitable. Prashant Pandey has experience working at companies large and small and in his current role as Head of Engineering at Asana, he knows what it’s like to navigate the growing pains of managing expanded teams.

On today’s episode, Prashant talks to Peter about what to take into consideration when judging a team member’s contribution, why failure is the single best learning tool, and how to manage expanding teams across time zones. Tune in for Prashant’s thoughts.

  • [00:11] - Velocity by Code Climate 
  • [00:49] - Internship at Loudcloud 
  • [03:25] - Research at IBM
  • [05:11] - Managing teams at Vdopia
  • [06:53] - Learning through failure
  • [09:27] - Getting up to speed with Amazon's best practices
  • [10:54] - Viewing metrics
  • [13:47] - Measuring impact
  • [16:21] - Joining Asana
  • [19:51] - Bifurcation challenges
  • [24:28] - Remote vs distributed teams
  • [26:28] - Collaboration tools
  • [28:13] - Managing a successful rewrite
  • [36:32] - Velocity by Code Climate

Velocity by Code Climate is an engineering analytics tool that takes commit and Git insights and turns it into actionable metrics and dashboards for engineering leaders. Use concrete data to help you answer questions like:

- How fast are we moving?
- Did a recent change in our process have a positive or negative impact on efficiency?
- Who are my top-performing teams and why?

Sign up at and mention CTO connection to get a free month of the product.

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