Setting Up Infrastructure to Scale with Adam Miller

Infrastructure dictates scalability. No one understands this better than Adam Miller, Vice President of Engineering at Roblox. On today’s episode, Adam sat down with Peter to discuss the unique challenges of setting up infrastructure to scale for a game platform with a lot of moving parts.

When Adam Miller joined the Roblox team as the Vice President of Engineering, he assumed everything would just get saved to the cloud. Instead, he found that the Roblox platform’s unique infrastructure needs would necessitate more in-house development and management in order to effectively scale.

In today’s episode, Peter and Adam discuss the challenges of managing hundreds of employees drawing from the same code, scaling infrastructure, and the limitations of cloud storage for the platform model.
  • [00:53] - Adam Miller, Vice President of Engineering, Technology at Roblox
  • [01:03] - Making an impact in engineering through leadership
  • [02:31] - The path to product/market fit
  • [04:45] - Enabling a new type of human co-experience with Roblox
  • [06:21] - Architecture of the metaverse
  • [10:13] - Building a scaling infrastructure
  • [14:08] - Exposing persistent data
  • [17:20] - Assumptions about the cloud 
  • [19:08] - Switching to microservices
  • [23:46] - Flexibility with smaller teams
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