Staying Immersed in Technology as a Tech Leader with Hector Aguilar

The higher you ascend professionally, the less time you have to code and interact with your company’s product or technology. Hector Aguilar, President of Technology at Okta, believes that all managers should make time to stay immersed in coding. On today’s episode, Hector talks to Peter about how he prioritizes coding and personal projects that relate back to his work.

According to Hector Aguilar, President of Technology at Okta, if you get too far away from technology, you can’t be an effective leader of technology. But when your day-to-day job is focused more on managing individuals, it can be hard to find the time to code.

On today’s episode, Hector and Peter discuss how making coding mandatory for all managers can help instill company values and culture. Hector also shares how he prioritizes personal projects and learning to ensure he stays on top of the technology at work.
  • [00:53] - Hector's origin story 
  • [02:42] - Stay close to the technology 
  • [04:02] - The challenge of keeping up
  • [06:52] - Prioritizing what to learn and how
  • [09:09] - The importance of credibility
  • [09:49] - Interview code testing
  • [16:38] - Measuring managers
  • [19:23] - Clear expectations
  • [21:41] - What does Okta do?
  • [23:27] - Scaling an organization
  • [25:52] - Keeping the quality bar high
  • [27:49] - Culture of commitment
  • [29:46] - Automate yourself and become a power mobile user
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