The Importance of Technical Due Diligence with Jason Mongue

Technical due diligence is one of the most important components of taking a new product to market. But most companies wait until they’re in the midst of venture capital fundraising before they give it a thought. Tune in to this week’s episode of CTO Connection as we talk with Jason Mongue, founder of The Clover Group, as he discusses why technical due diligence should be on your mind when you first write out your business plan. Tune in!

Technical due diligence is the process of studying a technology product and evaluating its value and feasibility. You’d think that such an important process would be part of the business plan from the outset, but most companies only undergo the process when they begin VC fundraising. Jason Mongue, founder of The Clover Group, is here to talk about the process and why it should start early. 
  • [00:11] - Velocity by Code Climate 
  • [01:03] - Technical due diligence
  • [02:31] - Starting the process 
  • [05:08] - Dress rehearsal
  • [09:18] - Ask questions
  • [11:18] - Security awareness
  • [15:02] - Disaster recovery plan 
  • [17:32] - How to think about scaling
  • [20:31] - Health check for technology organizations 
  • [22:07] - Velocity by Code Climate
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